Jerry Champion

Jerome, a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston Massachusetts, holds a
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Piano and Voice.  While at the Conservatory, Jerome produced a
tribute to Steve Wonder entitled "You and I," that received rave reviews in the city's leading
newspaper, The Boston Globe.  He also performed with the Boston symphony Orchestra at
Carnegie Hall as part of the New England Conservatory Choir.

Upon completing his training, Jerome returned to San Francisco and began his career as a
pianist, vocalist, producer, arranger and songwriter.  Jerome was quickly recognized by leading
five-star hotels in San Francisco as an outstanding pianist, and was pursued vigorously for his
employ.  He also developed his recording career and produced several recordings of his own
material in addition to performing with countless artists in the bay area. Jerome's talent as a
writer, arranger, and producer come forth on his new album "You're A Winner" with astonishing
results. His outstanding musicianship and mastery of the keyboard are a delight to the ears.
Jerome clearly demonstrates that he has what it takes to be at the forefront of today's music scene

When not performing with Jerry & The Champions, Jerome can be found performing throughout
the bay area in a number of musical settings, from Jazz to R&B, to Gospel. Jerome is currently the
pianist at the Leatherneck Steakhouse inside the historic Marines' Memorial Club and Hotel in
San Francisco. Jerome is a dynamic and exciting performer, bringing charm, energy and
sophistication to every performance.